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Default Let us help take you

Hey guys,

I don't want to look like a spammer, because my team and I are genuinely interested in conversing with you on this forum!

However, I know that a lot of keen young footballers looking to improve their chances of making a living from soccer/football, or gaining a college scholarship, participate on these types of forums - when I was growing up with dreams of going pro, I did too!

Alas, I wanted to share with you all some info about my company, 360 Scouting Solutions ( We are a passionate, football loving Australian-based business with links to professional agents and clubs in the USA, United Kingdom, continental Europe, Asia and Australia, and we offer a number of services for aspiring players at competitive prices.

From CV/resume compilation, to becoming a ‘featured player’ on our website and/or in our weekly e-newsletter service to professional agents and clubs worldwide, we can help market you to an audience you may not otherwise be able to reach.

If you've been thinking recently about how you may be able to progress in your football career, we'd appreciate if you took a look at our website (particularly the *Player Solutions* section) and got in touch with us.

We're on Twitter (@360Scouting) and there's a contact e-mail on our website too.

Please note we help market players to clubs and agents, but are not agents ourselves. So, we cannot broker deal on your behalf.

Thanks for your time, guys. I hope some of you with the drive to succeed choose to have a chat with us!