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When will Trump will release his tax returns?

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Default Turkey fans BOO during pre-match minute's silence for the victims of Paris attacks a

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Our Con will tell you that the total deaths in the U.S. really don't matter because we're such a large country, but when comparing Orlando and NYC those types of statistics don't matter. Here's also what doesn't matter to Title Con:

-NY was hit first and there were no tests to even detect it.

-Most commuting in NY do so on public transit and are jammed packed on trains and buses every morning.

-There was no known treatments whatsoever; new yorkers and nearby residents were guinea pigs.

-There was a huge shortage of PPE. Trump sent plenty to Florida but not much to NY.

-NY was working without a blue print. It followed guidelines and beat it.

-Fl did the opposite and laughed at the guidelines. DeSantis knowingly exposed his citizens to these risks.

-Today over 100 deaths in Florida. Many could have been prevented. I'm sure you're blame Cuomo or DiBlasio.
oh you want to bring NEW York into this now? oh ok, i was not going to mention NY to be nice but ok.

Gov. Cuomo ordered 100s of infected people into Nursing Homes thus deliberately killing 1000s of elderly 1000s. (nothing to do with airports, buses, subways, plains, trains etc. nothing).

WOULD YOU MR. LIBBY holy savior of the masses do this? would you want infected people deliberately ordered into nursing homes that are taking care of your elderly parents, grand parents, aunts, uncles ect? Does this sound like a great idea to you? we will wait for your reply...To late, i will assume you have half a brain and will say "of course not".

Cuomo took a play out of the socialist handbook and euthanized (murdered) our elderly so NYS can save money on the medicaid costs (by the way NYS is/was bankrupt way before COVID hit).

If you support cuomos decision for doing this you are as much a scumbag as he is (maybe more, Cuomo did it to save money, you do it because you Hate Republicans and TRUMP).
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