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Old 04-25-2017
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Exclamation Tom Anagnost MSU soccer coach.

Can anybody explain why Mississippi State would hire Tom Anagnost as their Head Women's Soccer Coach? Before you answer, read the information below and decide for yourself.

The Miami article below and over 15 pages on this forum below discusses why you should never play for this man at any level.

Miami Hurricanes fire women’s soccer coach Tom Anagnost


University of Miami women’s soccer coach Tom Anagnost was fired unexpectedly Tuesday morning after two seasons on the job.

The news release from the UM athletic department read: “University of Miami Director of Athletics Blake James has relieved head women’s soccer coach Tom Anagnost of his duties effective immediately. A national search for a new head coach has begun.”

The Hurricanes were 19-15-5 since Anagnost took over the team in December 2011. He came to UM after three seasons as head coach at Central Michigan University. He was twice named Mid-American Conference Coach of the Year and led the Chippewas to back-to-back NCAA Tournament berths. He was 40-12-7 at Central Michigan.

James, reached later by phone, said it wasn’t one incident that led to the firing and that the team’s win-loss record was “not a big part’’ of the decision.

“A variety of factors went into the decision,” James said. “We felt it was better to make the move now rather than move forward with him as the leader. We have been evaluating the situation for some time and just felt in the overall view of the program that we didn’t have the right person in that position, so why wait to make the change?”

Anagnost was unavailable for comment.

Assistant coach Jason Hamilton was named interim head coach while the school conducts the search. Hamilton, reached in his office Tuesday morning, said he didn’t know Anagnost was being let go and did not know the reasons for the dismissal.

Read more here:

Read what past recruits and players are saying about his abusive behavior, about their visits and how he treated their daughters on and off the field. I believe that Mississippi State was headed in the right direction with football, baseball and other sports as a whole. But to me this seems to be a major step backwards by the new AD. Enrollment was the largest it has been over the past 2 years.

Their are many parents who have spent a lot of money to train their kids to play at this level, expecting to have a good college experience and then they run into this caliper of person that is going to destroy their kids from the inside out.

Parents, BEWARE what you sign your kids up for. Remember that it is a contract between your kid, not you, and the school. Do your research before you let your kid choose their school if the wrong type of Coach is involved. They don't want to have to leave because they won't have time to come back from a normal injury, pass the unrealistic conditioning test to stay on the team while injured. These are the tricks that they are starting to use. Plus being a CONTROL FREAK. They want to have a good experience. Not one that leaves them embarrassed for not meeting his expectations, or being verbally abused in front of their team. TA has a game plan, and it is to win. BUT DO YOU THINK THAT WINNING WAS WHAT GOT HIM RELIEVED OF HEAD COACHING IN MIAMI? Go back and read what the AD was trying to say. He has also coached at Central Michigan University - CMU. Just a short stay also.

Why would the new AD subject this type of abuse upon his current soccer program? 11 girls have been ran off or cut and 2 new recruits decommitted to go to other SEC schools. Almost all were foreign or ECNL players. The class of 2018 was completely dismissed. The new contract is for a 4 year scholarship. Since they can't take your scholarship away unless it is the kid's fault, if they want your kid gone, then the only answer is what I'm trying to describe. He has reached out to my daughter. This is just my opinion, but this person is not the man you want coaching your daughter. He has since hired the other coaches back from their Miami days of always being together. THINK MORE THAN TWICE IF YOU LOVE YOUR DAUGHTER. In my opinion, Tom Anagnost won't. And he doesn't talk to parents so it is always he said - she said behind close doors. Good Coach - Bad Coach routine. You guess which ones build the kids up and which one drops the hammer. I would love to hear more thoughts.
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Old 04-07-2018
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AD Cohen hired Tom not knowing the complete background and now he's a thorn in his side. Cohen has more compliance issues with Tom than all the other coaches added together I would bet. It's just a matter of time before another young athlete gets hurt, similar to Miami and his subsequent firing.
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Default Tom Anagnost Mississippi State's new problem

Tom Anagnost was investigated for multiple title 9 infractions right after his first full season. Mississippi State Athletics kept him, stating that he didn't know better and they were willing to over look what he had done wrong. They had too much invested in him and his stooges, they didn't want to admit their mistake. Coach Matt does the recruiting and most girls never meet Tom Anagnost till it is too late. If you talk to Tom Anagnost, you will feel like you need a SHOWER. He can't talk to adults. Call him, you will see for yourself.

He will not talk to parents. EVER!! If your daughter is considering playing for him, do your homework. Don't let him negotiate with your daughter. He will try to bypass parents. He makes that clear up front. Find former players and recruit's comments. Your daughter that has been groomed to play soccer and the girl you love will be treated terrible and made to feel inferior if she ends up not meeting his standards. She will be manipulated, belittled, develop anxiety or depression or even worse. He doesn't deserve to be coaching these girls. Do your homework and make some phone calls.

He told players that they couldn't go to compliance or they would be off the team. That is the only help for an athlete. It is a threat.

He makes players train while injured. He would overrule the trainer and not let the players heal. Keeping them injured so he had an excuse to cut them or they just quit.

He crawled under the blankets with girls in the clubhouse.

He moved a Freshman off campus, because she wouldn't play for him and wanted to transfer. He was trying to get her away from other players. The 3 coaches, Tom, Matt and Jason, kept her behind closed doors for 2 hours, cursed her, try blackmailing her by telling her she would never play anywhere else or for anybody and he would see to that. They even tried to make her sign an apartment lease which would make her stay. He only released her when they threatened him with Social media. All because he wanted her to stay.

One trainer made it known that Tom Anagnost was the worst thing to ever happen to Mississippi State.

She RATTED on a friend and teammate for doing the same things that she herself and her football playing boyfriend, and every other teammate was doing in their free time. The RAT is still on the team. Fall of 2018.

Tom Anagnost is so scared and nervous that he THROWS UP before every game and during the National Anthem. Players have said they can hear him swallowing it back down while the Anthem is playing. He hides in his home after every loss and will not come out, like a child. He is in way over his head.

His first season, he went back to what got him fired at Miami. He threw a full water bottle at a girl, barely missing her. Constantly cursing the players and making them train while injured. The ones that he wanted off the team, because he wanted their scholarships, he would isolate them where they weren't part of the team. He makes them just stand during practice. He doesn't let them warm up with the rest of the team.
At Miami, he had ANGER problems. With a winning record, the Miami AD stated that this was not the type of leadership they wanted at Miami. He and his coaches were only there for a short time.

BEWARE!! BEWARE!! Mississippi State is a great school. The girls deserve a different individual as their soccer coach. Many of his girls have lost all love for the game after playing it their whole life. It only took Tom Anagnost a couple of months to achieve that for them.
One assistant, Jason, took a head coaching job at East Carolina University. He is using the same techniques of isolation, using what the girl thinks are her strengths and turning them into her weaknesses. It is all a mind game to make them quit.
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