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Old 08-27-2015
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Default Player Rankings

So my son is playing college soccer at a Division II school. He's a freshman and started out well in these player rankings that the team uses based off of points for different drills such as 1v1, 3v3, 6v6, 300, 2 mile run etc. He started off at 16 a couple weeks ago and each week fell backwards and they just posted the final rankings and he's in last now out of 42 kids. We asked him a while ago what these rankings meant and he said that they are not that important. Not sure if that's true or not or if he is just ashamed of himself because he's never failed at anything. It's obvious he won't be playing varsity because they have had a few scrimmages and he want taken along to any of them so we know he will be on reserve. So if these rankings aren't important like he claims then why do they have them? Can anyone on here with experience in this tell me if this is a need to worry or not. What are these rankings for and does it decide who plays and who rides the bench??
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