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Old 08-22-2018
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Default US Club Background Check getting ridiculous

Four different courses taking hours to complete online with multiple fees involved. Getting a tad overboard if you ask me.

What happened to just making sure that they don't have a criminal record and calling it a day?
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Old 08-22-2018
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Should have more details.... and categories.
some coaches are unbelievable with what they get away with!!!
These little ones are the victims of a lot of things you donít hear about. And things that clubs donít think are offensive.
presidents of clubs that have lost the reason that they were elected.
I think they should take in to consideration how many red cards below a specific age.
If a coach has been rumored to been kicked out of this club or has stolen money from this club..... there might be some truth to it.
But there is nothing to weed out the money grabbing abusive crazy coaches.
Some are slime.
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