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Old 07-22-2017
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Default Things not to say to a soccer fan at a MLS game

Or why you shouldn't take your soccer-tolerating spouse to a game:

(For entertainment purposes only, mainly mine &#128512

1. This isn't soccer. MLS sucks.
2. Where's Ronaldo?
3. The MLS should be renamed the RHL: Retirement Home League.
4. The Smithsonian wants back your turn-of-the-century Chicago Fire jersey.
5. BTW Where in the hell did you dig up that Fire jersey? Didn't I throw that thing out when we moved from Chicago?? 🤔 😀
6. MLS is where EPL has-beens come to die (rich).
7. Why are good American players heading abroad to "play" when they don't start?
8. Why are the foreign has-beens better than young (or older) native talent?
9. Is this why the USMNT struggled against teams from Vatican City, Tahiti, and American Samoa in Gold Cup? 😂😂😂
10. Just exactly how much money are we pumping into the Boy's DA???????
11. I don't care how much of a tradition it is. Wearing a knit team scarf in the bright sun, nasty humidity, and 90 degree heat is just plain weird. 😳
12. MLS should be considered the KINDER-sliga given how NYCFC is playing (yeah I know they are down a player ....)
13. No matter how much NYCFC lipstick you put on a pig, Yankee Stadium is still Yankee Stadium. The pitch is barely shoehorned in and doesn't look regulation size.

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Old 07-22-2017
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I'm not getting the premise here. These are things your spouse said, you said or people said to you? What does the "tolerant spouse" part have to do with it?
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Old 07-22-2017
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Most are the things I said. In jest of course. Well, most. 😂 Spouse is uber-rabid soccer coach. Been married for 20+ years. I've been to more of my fair share of World and other Cup games, Olympics, Final Fours, EPL & MLS games, what have you. Sure, I guess the game was exciting for NYCFC fans to win despite being a man down. I didn't see why some cards were handed out. In the 2nd half it seemed like the same old thing was occurring on both sides: NYCFC goalie punts ball and hopes a team mate gets it. Chicago, on the other hand, starts out in the back, eventually gets the ball to what seemed like the same forward standing on the same side each time, who then tries to cross it to a teammate who might be able to score. Pretty predictable and formulaic.

I've picked up a fairly decent amount of soccer over the years but don't pretend to know as much as the spouse or SOME of the arm chair dads. Yes MLS has gotten better over the years. But it's still not as good as other global leagues. And when your spouse subscribes to what seems like every pay soccer channel out there and is constantly taping games from all over to watch, yeah I end up watching some games, and yeah it seems we are not as talented, skilled, athletic as many of our global counterparts. How old was Beckham when he came here? How old is Villa? And why does NYCFC have more foreign players than domestic? Chicago is almost the same way. Yeah, some of it has to do with money. But what is it saying about American soccer, especially when our top Yanks go abroad to play (even if they are 2nd string and don't play?) When will the BDA kick in?

Tolerant? Yes. Being a spouse isn't easy. We put up with a lot: recruiting calls past midnight due to timezones, college grass soccer pitch getting more attention than the home lawn, holidays sucked up by recruiting (like Xmas/New Years in FL), blah blah blah. What really gets me are the parents. For once I'd like to see a spouse-coached college game in peace, instead of hearing some parent yak my ear off about their kid's scholarship $, playing time, whether they start, or should be in a different position. You think club parents are nuts? Some college parents make them look like amateurs.
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Old 07-23-2017
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Spouse's responses:

US soccer will never be as good as soccer in other countries b/c there soccer is the #1 sport and here the top athletes have more choices like MLB, NFL, etc to pursue.

Rosters are filled with more foreign born players b/c American players aren't that good. Let ta of MLS teams have foreign players.

The BDA will not develop players for the NT's, MLS, etc. They are money makers.

MLS club budgets are small compared to top international clubs (although it is growing).

Some great international players are over 30.

American players go abroad and play because they can (e.g. talent, experience). Foreign players come here for the higher salaries.

Progression in the US? The 2002 USMNT World Cup team was about the same as the 2014 USMNT World Cup team.

It was hot and humid during the game, making the game a little slower, the players tired, and accompanying spouse cranky. 😂😂😂
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