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Old 02-19-2014
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Default Can my daughter's college really require her to wear a certain shoe?

As with many schools, my daughter's college has a school-wide contract with an athletic equipment manufacturer. While it's great that she gets all kinds of branded gear, she is now being told that she MUST wear that company's boots. Unfortunately for my daughter and every other soccer player on campus the company in question is Under Armor.

Under Armour makes some great clothing but it has absolutely no credibility for making soccer boots. A quick look at Under Armour's website shows ONE model of shoe for the upper level player and I can probably list 5 reasons I would never buy it just by looking at it. My daughter has had ankle and arch issues her whole career and she's been through multiple brands and models to find one that is the right combination of support, orthotic correctness, durability and comfort - finally settling on a Diadora model. Diadora may not be one of soccer's Big Three, but it is still a well respected boot company.

Is there anything I can do about this? Is there anything in the NCAA rulebook? Can they require my daughter to wear something that might get her injured? Wearing the wrong shoes is a quick trip to ankle, knee, hip and back problems. Footwear is such a personal choice for soccer players that I can't see this as being anything but bad for the program, but apparently, the men's and women's soccer staffs aren't (can't) putting up much of a fight.
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