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Old 09-09-2019
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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
One could argue for 9v9 at U13. One problem with this age group is that success is often based on how quickly your keeper grows. I've seen small keepers in U13 fail miserably at guarding a full-size goal--they simply can't reach the bar--and I've seen giants in U12 that are almost impossible to score against.

I wouldn't do 9v9 at U14.

At any rate, futsal is also an option.
My son played keeper at u13 and it was ridiculously big for him and he picked up bad positioning habits that took 2 years to break

Most keepers are there because they are big but that means they are normally slow too. It means strikers need to actually shoot with precision which makes them better in the long run.

But Iím one of those that looks at the actual development aspect of playing not winning or goals in the u11-u14 range
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Old 10-14-2019
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Halfway through the OYSA season and the top 5 in the standings are:
PDX South
Salmon Creek
WA Timbers
Eastside Timbers

It's been an interesting run these first handful of games. Looking forward to the big finish.
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