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Ive heard some of the complaints from some folks at Fury, but it wasn't about the trainers or even Fury as a club, it's more about GDA as a league.

The problem that some Fury players face, is the lack of substantial competition in league play. Now GDA supporters will drone on that "it's about the training, THE TRAINING!" but let's be honest...the best training in the world doesn't matter if the kids are rarely challenged in a game and when at least half your games are essentially against "cones", you're not being challenged. Not to mention the decreased playing time some very strong players are seeing because the coaches know the games are going to be blowouts and are trying to give the kids at the bottom of the roster some PT.

Also you have to take into consideration the sacrifices these kids are making by walking away from school soccer and ODP. We can blather all we want on here about "becoming the best player they can be" yadda, yadda, but kids like recognition and experiences that offer positive reinforcement. One of my kid's friends that plays for Fury was basically in tears this week, so sad that she wasn't going to Arizona for ODP National Camp (neither was my kid, she's not in ODP, but one of their good friends was invited). It's hard to reconcile when the GDA curtain has been pulled back and GDA has been revealed to be just another league.

Based on some convos I've had with a couple parents, I think the shift you're going to see on LI, is a switch back to ECNL for some of these players. Nobody has mentioned anything about LISC and if you take into consideration what the basis of the frustration is, joining the lowest caliber club in GDA doesn't make much sense.
This is kinda funny considering only one Fury team finished first in their division.

U15 - 2nd 12-3 +37 Goal Diff

U16/17 - 1st 11-3 +31 Goal Diff

U18/19 - 5th 5-9 -22 Goal Diff

I'm not saying that isn't pretty good, just saying they are not "bored" either and their success would likely be similar in ECNL as well.
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