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Ok, I found that the coach is Dave Phaff and I googled to see his credentials and found none/ Except for negative post about his love for horses and sketchy behavior while he was coaching in VOB. The funny thing is that I asked here about who is coaching and no one would post or say a name. You were quick to put tryout schedules out but when asked who is coaching you advise to look it up. That right there brings up red flags. Seem's like you are trying to hide the person who will actually have contact with my child. Thanks but no thanks, another LI club to stay away from. It's sad that the list of good "SAFE" clubs is getting so small.
He was a sponsor with BOTN for years and left when he had most teams in a club and didnít need botn and spend $6,000. Larry hates him and post negative stuff all the time. Why would a man with such hatred from botn always have a big following and loyal following.
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