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Of course it depends on the kid...but there's also the reality that there's only so many college spots out there. A lot of kids come to the realization during HS that while they'd like to play in college, it just isn't going to happen. Or, their dreams of playing high level D1 are met with the reality that they're a mid level D3 player. Finally, as kids start to really get recruited many realize they don't want the commitment of D1 but prefer D3 (still a commitment but less). Yet they're expected at 14 years old to know all of that and give up HS without even experiencing it.
No they are not. If your 14 year old wants to play HS , they should. If they don't know what they want to study or where they want to go to college that is normal. There
may be a small number of 14 year olds that may have made these mature decisions but that is atypical. Most kids at 14 do not yet have the maturity or life experience to make such a decision and that is fine. Not every 14 year old is ready to make a 17 year old decision.
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