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Teams, Coaches, and Managers,

First of all we would like to thank all of the teams that took part in our Qualifiers to win a spot for the Copa ESPN Championship. This year without a doubt will be an exciting one with all the teams that have fought their way to win a spot. To see all the teams that have qualified please click here:

This year we have teams coming from Monterrey Mexico, Oklahoma, El Paso, San Anotonio, Kansas and many other places to play in the 6th Annual Copa ESPN happening April 25-27, 2014.

At this moment we have very limited space in all age categories and are reviewing and looking at teams to invite to play in this prestigious event. If you would like your team to be considered please register here at this link:

***Applications will be examined and selected based upon credentials, tournament history and the individual team's "trophy case". This process ensures the highest level of competition and sportsmanship. Several factors are taken into account including (but not exclusive to) current league standing, recent tournament participation, recent match results, etc.

Once again THANK YOU all for your continued support.

Roger Sosa
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