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I think looking at the DA application would be helpful in this discussion.

Here are the things the DA is looking for:

-Leadership of the club and quality of the coaching staff

-Desire to embrace and promote the core values of the program

-U.S. Soccer license levels of coaching staff-Infrastructure of the club and the resources currently being invested in development (facilities, scholarships, staff to player ratio, etc.)

-History of player production for youth National Teams, the Men's National Team, and professional leagues

-Market with player depth, geographic location, proximity to other elite clubs and travel implications

If you look at that 4th one, it seems impossible that a startup club could get DA after 5+ years of existence -- after one seems ridiculous.

The other Barca Academy bought their way in the DA by buying an existing DA club.

Please don't believe anyone that tries to lead you into believing this will be a DA club any time in the near future.

And more importantly, don't believe anyone that tells you that playing for a non-DA club is a bad thing.
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