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I think the extra training is a a reasonable first step. You could also try an RDS clinic from the red bulls or a center of excellence program from NYCSL. They are not as long a commitment and offer some very good training.

Why jump into ECNL or GDA until you have at least tried playing in a more competitive environment and see if it is for you? Just because EM, Albertson, and probably LISC and fury gdas at some age groups all need more paying players, does not mean the players need them. The travel required for those teams is a very different commitment of time and money.
Thank you. my kid attended the long island week long day camp a few weeks ago and enjoyed it. Unfortunately, the upcoming RDS Clinics are not local. The LIJSL RDS supplemental program is not an option as it ages out at 12 unlike the other RDS programs in the nY metropolitan area.
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