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Not the poster but it's true - now with ECNL and even pre ECNL at earlier ages a lot of rosters are practically locked in by U13./U14. Clubs don't like cutting players for outsiders unless the player is outstanding. NPL is easier to reach, especially with GDA shifting the landscape.

Well you might as well be the other poster.
Rosters are locked? Such a foolish comment. You parents talk all this nonsense to instill fear in other parents so their kids do not try for teams so your child can keep their spot. There are so many kids playing in so called lower leagues who can easily walk on high level teams but theses parents think the players on those higher teams are superstars which they are not.
I'll assume your one of those " my kid has seniority at the club" parents.
If the club is good and has ambition they should be looking for new talent every year.
To the OP. Try out for teams. It's a great experience for your child. Have her work on her game at home. That's what makes the difference.
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