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Larry let out a doozy. This was in the context of coaches/parents getting in each others faces after a soccer game. What does that have to do with the tournaments location and peoples cars? And for that matter, it's a walled in facility and the immediate area isn't bad at all. This is just Larry taking shots at an ex-sponsor.

"Was there anyone in charge from EMSC at the tournament? Were the Coleman folks around? Sad to say, but Coleman is located in one of the worst areas of Nassau. Coleman should have security on hand for all events held there to protect families and their cars. Colen Country Day Camp is a place just sitting there waiting for more teams, coaches and parents try to avoid playing at Coleman. BOTN is more than familiar with EMSC and how they manage their events and the total lack of any security from Coleman.

You have been reminded again about frequenting that location."
I read that thread but refuse to post on Larry's garbage site, I was at the tournament with a Gold Coast team and all I have to say is that Bellmore had some of the worst parents I have ever seen. They never shut up, they screamed the entire time...I don't believe for one second that they did nothing to cause the Plainedge coach to approach them. The Plainedge parent was out of control but Bellmore most definitely instigated the fight, they would not shut up about losing to them.

Both teams parents were horrible.
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