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My son has since aged out of youth soccer, but back when he was playing, and I was the parent manager of his team, they were entered into the MSC pre season tournament a couple of years. I used to read BOTN to try and get some info on the tournament because quite frankly, the club was NO HELP at all. Coming from out of state my biggest challenge was trying to figure out where to book hotel rooms, because there were so many fields spread out over the greater metro area.

I posted something similar and was completely chastised by Larry. I did not really care about brackets, scheduleds etc (The boys would play when scheduled), just wanted to know if they sent certain age groups to certain areas. I was told to just relax, what's the big deal, etc? I mean if we wound up staying out in the New Rochelle/White Plains area, and games were on Long Island, that's a LONG commute for families not familiar with the area.

The first year I guessed "OK" but not great. We stayed in Flushing, and most of the games were in New Rochelle. LOTS of money in bridge tolls, but not a bad ride back and forth.

The second and third year, I guessed correctly and we stayed in White Plains, and most games were scheduled out there as well. However, that was the 2 years the tournament was cancelled, so it was for naught.
Larry likes to be holier than though. He's very very rude to his readers.
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