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Barca is going to crush SUSA with their complex. Why play for a second or third team at SUSA when you could do the same for Barca? Any kid would love to wear the uniform. Because of their Kings Park complex, SUSA will never build their complex. It becomes too high risk now if they don't have the numbers to support it. Plus, their complex has not yet been approved. Politicians will probably not approve at this point as their constituents are strongly opposed.
You mean the $475 registration they charge per player won't cover the operating costs and debt service on this multi-million dollar complex? Lol. I've been saying this since day 1. You can't build what those renderings show and not expect their already high fees to double or triple. It's impossible to pull off what they want without either screwing the taxpayers of Islip (land below cost) or players families (substantially higher fees).

Most Independent trainers I know make $60-75k per year. If you crunch the numbers they would have to pay much less so what bucket will this debt service and operating costs come from? There is a reason big clubs are typically far from urban areas where land is cheaper and non-profit. Once you throw even a 30% gross margin on the costs of soccer on an already expensive LI the numbers will NEVER work without sacrificing something.

My guess is the guy that owns this wants to grab the land, go broke and sell it for a profit. Sorry Islip, I tried to make the soccer thing work! Think Roosevelt Raceway and that land giveaway in central Nassau that became prime retail space. Always happens on LI with the corrupt politicians and always will because the tax payers never hold the crooks accountable.
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