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My kid has played on the girls side for a few years. The coaches are quite good though they all keep a significant distance from parents. The coaches really care about developing the team though that doesn't mean they are perfect. There is a difference between the 'A' team and 'B' team coaches especially as kids get older. There is a lot of pressure on the 'A' team kids as they are the future of the club. It intensifies each year. Kids who work hard can be promoted. My kid isn't old enough for the GDA yet so I cannot comment on the GDA. Rosters are kept small which means lots of playing time for the players even though it means we might play games with no subs.

The club is a little harder to describe. There is a lack of transparency with parents. You usually don't know who your coach is until long after you have accepted your offer for the next season. There could be a lot more communication. There is politics. Boys do get more funding and better practice times/locations. The girls sometimes seem like an afterthought. Like most clubs, there is good and there is bad. But, in general, it has been good development for my daughter.
On the girls side older coaches are not really concerned with team development and play favorites in a way that is detrimental to the teams success. No transparency lots of mind games. Parents use their resources to secure their kids standing on teams. Lots of divas who are not nearly as good as they are being told that they are. would avoid this club if possible.
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