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BOTN has it posted, it's not new, ISA started this in their paperwork a few years back when some coo coo mom aired the dirty laundry about another psycho mom and her 3 daughters (triplets all on the same team) that were bullying and beating up their own teammates. The triplets eventually got kicked off the team, but then couldn't even get on other local LIJSL teams because so many other coaches and parents had read about them on BOTN. It was a whole big mess and triplet mom threatened a lawsuit and other nonsense. The triplet mom called LM crying and begged him to get involved, which he did. This was when LM lost all credibility.

My daughter was on the team at the time, and had been the target of these kids' and their mother's bullying. She didn't get it as bad as some of the other kids, but enough to send her home crying from several practices. LM knew nothing about any of the kids or the situation, but started writing posts about how wonderful these 3 sisters were, literally posting glowing emails from their mom as his own words. Around that time, ISA had a big meeting about all of it and enacted their "no BOTN posting" rule. So far, I don't think it has worked.
This is not botn. Please refrain from calling out individual players. Your issues with poor behavior by children is best handled in person and not on an anonymous forum. There​ was no need to tell that type of story on ts. Save that for botn.
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