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Does anyone have experience with the Red Bulls Futbolinho program? I get the philosophy about lots of fast touches, but not sure how well working with a #2 ball indoors will translate to a #4 outdoors. The most recent coach's evaluation for our son said he had good technique with an excellent first touch. The biggest area of improvement was "creativity" in tight space. The coaches are moving him from center defender to midfield this year and have been pushing him to work on ball skills.

The parent of an older player claims Futbolinho transformed her son. I'd love to get some other thoughts.
Did it in the spring. I highly recommend it. RB coaches are excellent with a complete and focused energy.

It is all about development in small spaces. You need to think quickly and react with skill to be successful. It is one of the best supplemental training we have done. I will definitely do it again.
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