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You are ridiculous! Are you upset that #4 took your daughter's playing time?? Cry me a ****ing river! I have watched this team as we have traveled with the club and I hate to tell you.....Too ****ing bad! Deal with it! She's a quality player and you will just have to deal with it! You dont bitch when she lights up the scoreboard and wins games for you.....oh wait, I know your type, You'd rather lose and your daughter be the star than someone else get credit!! Yup.....Have those on every team!
No one complained about her. She is a good player among good players. She adds to the team and the team adds to her. GS can go coach his daughters just not in ECNL and not on our time. Get him out or lose a lot quality players. To have a parent of a player coach or train a team his daughter is on is just wrong at this level. His first weekend out and his first game as well as her first game he started her and at a position that was not a match for her. Results affected the team and that is a perfect example of why this is so wrong. No offense to his daughter let her do it on her own just like the rest of our girls. At least MM knows the girls and doesn't have a kid on the team. Oh ya so did VI and RB.
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