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Let's be honest, you're making it seem like there are 2 viable DA options on LI...there isn't. If you think ECNL isn't weighing and measuring the make-up, success and local geography of the market of clubs that apply, you're wrong.
I agree. They like to put teams in close proximity so the complaining regarding travel is minimal. Plus I think they want the markets to push each other. ECNL lost a lot of top talent as far as teams and players. I'm not trying to be jerky and go GDA, but they did. There are teams that are ECNL now that I would have never expected would have had a chance prior to the GDA and loosing some top clubs altogether that picked GDA over ECNL.

It's a real mess out there. And, if the club has a boys team that is looking for ECNL status, too, I think they are really giving your application serious consideration. It's worth a shot. Good luck.
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