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ECNL Pros: proven college placement track record (all parents and player care about); many college coaches (with their knowledge of what it takes to play in college and great connections to help get players in); ability to play HS soccer and other sports; currently the best competition out there and training for college play

ECNL Cons: some clubs aren't very good and relegation almost never happens; no consistent training curriculum; games are crammed into a shorter season and normally are two per weekend; travel is a bit** and costly; not diverse; little to no coaching standards

GDA Pros: more training, less games (almost always one game/weekend); somewhat lower costs (but not by much and probably won't be a difference maker for the average soccer family); consistent training curriculum; no HS soccer (depending on your point of view)

GDA Cons: unproven college placement record (for now); some clubs aren't very good but at least boys DA does relegate once in awhile; travel is still a bit** and costly; no HS soccer or any other sport; most college coaches will not be able to make a 10 month commitment - so who coaches?; limited substitution rules means some players will travel and never see a minute of game time; won't be any more diverse than ECNL; rising complaints on the boys system that it has become too regimented and turning out robotic players
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