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My assumption is that the same very busy staff were given the job of slapping this together on top of their regular load of work on short notice. Seems like they haven't really thought a lot of this through.

US Soccer says try out fees prohibited. Thorns are charging a very large fee.

US Soccer says minimum required 4 trainings per week. Thorns say only 3.

US Soccer says no high school activities. Thorns say maybe.

Assumuption is that they might rally once they get a chance to review the rules and have some time.
There won't be time for HS activities. Thorns is saying "maybe" and 3x/wk (for now) so they can con the current Thorns Academy starters that do multiple sports. My guess is the GDA starting 11 will be basically the same as this year's starters in the Academy. Thorns can go against all GDA rules for now but they can change at anytime and blame it on US Soccer. The GDA program was thought out, clearly spelled out & US Soccer wants it implemented. I say do it right for a better chance of success. At the subsidized price, GDA will still get enough good players apply.
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