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The problem with expansion is that you need solid clubs to invite in. There are areas of the country that simply don't have that, or even have much of a soccer culture at all. Expand in an around areas where DA is already entrenched and again you let in clubs and players that shouldn't be there. Such a proposal is more about grabbing market share and will result in watering it down even further.
Neither describes South Texas.

The area is heavily Latino, and has a first-rate soccer culture (far better than here I'd wager). It wouldn't be diluting existing DA academies--you think FC Dallas and Houston Dynamo's academies can cover all of Texas? (Keep in mind, Texas has nearly three times the land area of Oregon, and over six times the population).

And while I would worry about dilution, there needs to be a happy medium between a system that is too exclusive, and turns away top prospects, and a system that lets everyone in and basically becomes another competing club soccer league. In general, I would figure out the number of top-rated prospects in an age group--and then pick enough players to round out a team, plus a B team/reserve team to keep the A team honest--with at least a few B team slots to be staffed based on a tryout.

(Speaking of such tryouts--if we are going to have them, perhaps a "non-club tryout" might be useful, to identify those players who DON'T play in the club system? If you play for a club, at least one of the big ones, and you are good, chances are the TA staff already knows about you).
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