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Do not just go to a team based on the league. DA and ECNL will cost a pretty penny so do your homework as best you can,

Look at your location, budget, the coach for your age group, your player skill and drive, estimated strength of the training group in your age group, etc.

Only Suffolk option is Fury and they spend much time at Nassau locations anyway and they have no teams until U14. Albertson players would most logically feed into Fury but Albertson is in Nassau.
The reason I ask and am looking for informed info like yours is, when talking with people out there the information is more like you are reading the back of the net. No real info, more chest puffing, or derogatory talk. Its so bad and unclear you almost say for your kid not to play soccer and just put the money in the bank for college....
Don't get let me start about the parents on the sidelines at the U11 age I have seen so far... They should be embarrassed
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