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Denver STORM Soccer comp program

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    Denver STORM Soccer comp program

    Any parents out there with opinions on the Denver Storm Comp soccer program? and does anyone know of a blog in the Denver area that deals with frustrated parents and the soccer programs?

    My opinion is the Storm soccer is overpriced, ill run, and just in it for the money, even though this is supposed to be a "Non-Profit" group, but was interested it what others thought.

    This Storm program charges 2 to 3x more than better programs in other states. What I mean by better is that provide additional training. The comp/traveling program where I lived before charged $600 for the year (included jerseys) and had a professional trainer (or two sometimes) at two practices a week. The trainer would also attend all home games. It appears that the Storm program assumes the coach is a trainer, and is assisted by another trainer every two weeks at one practice, thatís fine, but the Storm team has to pay an extra Coach fee ($4000 a year) for supposedly a better coach than is available in Rec. That pushes yearly cost to over $1100, plus add $360 for jerseys, warm-ups and team bag, and we are around $1500. Of course this does not count the cost of tournamentsts, and qoute the optional ;) winter indoor leagues, but the Rec program dies not include these either. So Storm Comp cost 3x as much as Storm Rec, 2x as much as other states better comp programs, so where does thye extar money go???? -> Storm Staff?

    I do not mind paying more to be on a Comp team, but do not like to be taken either. I have asked some Storm Staff the reason for the difference and they just provide double speak. Some provide answers of field maint, org fees, and staff, but I remind them that the Rec teams use the same fields, same staff, and are in the same organization. They then mention they will have 3 refs per game, instead of 1. Well I state that would equal about an extra $40 per boy per year. They say thatís not right, but can't give me any specifics on cost, I'll tell them itís simple; ref makes about $20 game, x 2 extra refs = $40, x 18 games = $720, div 18 boys = $40. Then they state the extra trainer for storm staff is available for about 10 practices a YEAR. Even if they paid this guy $100 for the 1 hr practice, it only comes out to an extra $60 a year per boy. Then they say that there is extra insurance for Comp boys, in case a kid breaks a leg in a game, Storm ins would help pay for the medical bills, amazing I never see that stated anywhere in the available storm documents, and my ins would cover it anyways. I assume the Storm Staff member meant extra liability ins is required for Comp play vs Rec play, but decided not to get into it with him at that point, because he didn't know anything and was just trying to answer questions that he had no knowledge of.

    Yes, I did looked at other similar local Denver programs, they all seem to charge similar rates as Storm, but all the clubs had tryouts at the same time, interesting? There is very limited info available on these soccer programs online. So was trying to obtain additional info, as the people who man the offices like to double speak, a lot.

    Well thatís me venting, appreciate any comments or additional info on the Soccer clubs in the Denver area

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