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    Please visit this one of a kind site!

    Originally posted by PL
    You need to visit this one of a kind site!

    For female soccer players ages 11 and up.
    What are you doing? Going to every soccer site in the country? When you take away the charge for using the site, you might get some business but considering you can easily find the some resources for free other places, why would I want to pay you money for it?

    Why don't you try using advertising on your site and taking away the charge? Maybe then you'll get some business?



      Thank you for your feedback.

      We do have members and they love and enjoy the site. Colleges and clubs are promoting us to their members. The site is not just boring information to read. The site is more about "Mentoring" from college and ODP players to younger players who need "big sisters" who have been there/done that to help them along the way. You need to read the whole list on the front page that describes what is inside the site. Yes, we do offer information but there is a lot of mentoring on the site in many different areas and levels of soccer for ages 11 and up. It is much better for players to get information or advice from other older players than Mom and Dad. This site can help Mom and Dad, as well along the journey. We also, have a fun page that allows members to enter contests and win gift card plus, we offer a college scholarship. As long as we continue to get the positive feedback we are getting from members, colleges, and club DOCs, etc. that we are getting, we will continue the program. I just found this forum when playing on the computer one night and decided I would post something about our site.

      It is two payments of 35 dollars each and you are a Lifetime member. If you just want to talk about the "info" part only, you can bet that you will spend more than that amount in your own personal time searching for what you need and want to know on the net. As I said, this site is NOT just about information. Younger players can e-mail with college level and older players to ask any soccer related question they want. These young ladies who have agreed to be Mentors are, in a sense, "big sisters" to our members. They have been carefully selected and are there to help guide. We promote good self esteem, too. Player members will find everything they want and need to know about playing soccer at the different levels on our site. It is all in one place for them. We are doing good things here at Soccer Sisters to help promote better and more informed players for the future.

      We also, offer an "Online Camp" that will be open in December. We will have that camp every December. The camp will be all about the mental side of the game both on and off the field and we will have only best coaches who contribute to that camp.

      Parents pay more than two payments of 35 each to send their kids to soccer camps. With our site, you not only get a good camp that address very important issues which you don't normally get at a regular camp, but also, the players get so much more and like I said, with the one time fee you are a member for life.

      I hope this helped explaine a little more about what we are doing here at Soccer Sisters. I have daughter who is playing for college right now. She started soccer at the age of 5. She was on her state ODP team and has played all the different levels of play. I would have loved to have had a site like this to go to in order to find out all we needed to know plus, her have older wiser players with whom to communicate, whe she was younger.

      Patricia Lee, President -


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