I am the coach of a U7 boys team (1st grade) and we are moving from 5v5 to 7v7. It is only a CYC league so not all of the boys are very committed to soccer and are just playing for fun. I am looking for some ideas on the best way to grow their love of the game by teaching them some different aspects of the game.

1st question - I have 6 strong players, 6 medium level players, and 3 weak players. What type of formation would you suggest? I was thinking a 3-2-1 but I wasn't sure if I should play weaker players back or stronger players back or a mix of each.

2nd question - If you were using this formation, how would you run it to easily teach position to these players?

3rd question - Would you play the boys in different positions or try and teach them each position until they learn it and then move them if they want to learn another position?

Any other suggestions?